AKASE Mokko wrestles with environmental problems which are divided into three categories based on the environmental policy.

Basic Environmental Policy

1. Setting environmental objective and goal

We set environmental objective and goal, confirm the attainment state, and continuously improve environmental preservation activities. We visualize CO2 reduction results from reforestation activities, and the entire company shares in the activity results.

2. Environmental load reduction

We promote electric power consumption reduction, waste reduction, and the 3R program in order to achieve 100% of the corporate zero emission goal.

3. Product development

We promote product development utilizing remnants. In association with being certified as an eco-company in Okayama Prefecture, we promote registration of eco products to develop products which are friendly to the environment.

4. Environment education

Since establishment of Environmental Committee in 2010, we have been holding regular environmental seminar and promoting taking the Eco Test and CSR Test. We promote all employees’ understanding of our environmental policy and improving awareness of environmental issues.

5. Connecting with the community

We promote communication with local community and actively participate in local environmental preservation activities. Environmental Committee takes an initiative in monthly local cleaning activities.