Message from us

AKASE Co., Ltd. was established in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture in 1961 and has reached the 60th anniversary of the foundation this year.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for our customers who love the products of AKASE and also to all those concerned.


AKASE provides furniture and interior decoration products and services which enrich and delight customers’ lifestyle under the management vision, “We will do our utmost to improve life and culture so as to become a company that contributes to society.”


With our major brand, MASTERWAL, using solid natural walnut, we strive to create genuine furniture whose hue will richen with the passage of time and history with the user and will also be loved by its user 100 years later.

The name, MASTERWAL, originates from our wish to become a master of walnut.

We utilize meticulously selected beautiful walnut material and pursue our goal to eliminate waste of materials by effective use of all lumber remains generated from production so as to create human-friendly and environment-friendly furniture.

Also, starting this year, we will increase production of new items including chairs and actively promote providing our products to new channels.


Based on our corporate policy, “One person, one ingenuity,” we are determined for each one of us to continue creating product of such quality as has never been seen before. We aim to become an attractive company that offers appealing quality to customers and those concerned.