“We aim to create furniture which will be used 100 years from now as an antique”

The interior utilizing meticulously selected walnut material creates a broad and at times dramatic impression. We strive to create furniture whose hue will richen with the passage of time and history with the user and will also be loved by its user 100 years later.


Aiming to provide abundant life through MASTERWAL

The name, MASTERWAL, originates from our wish to become a master of walnut.
We respect the beauty and quality of walnut and never cease in our quest to better understand the nature of this material.
Our staff on production site has been building up a vast amount of knowledge in the hopes that people 100 years from now will also continue to love and use our products.
Furniture created by us will richen users’ daily life.
That is our aim with MASTERWAL.

Creating nature friendly future

We make the most of precious wood which has taken so many years to grow.

With MASTERWAL, we have considered the issue and are creating natural environment-friendly furniture. We start conversion of timber and production after we receive an order, so it takes a little time to complete the product. However, this is consistent with our environment conservation policy, in which we minimize disposal of material so as to prevent excessive deforestation.

Adding new value to furniture without sacrificing wood quality
It is a basic stance of MASTERWAL which creates products from natural resources.

We only provide the best quality.

Through MASTERWAL, we only offer quality furniture which has been finished manually by craftsmen having acute sensibility and also with highly accurate machinery.
Products are produced on an order basis. We oversee all facets of production from processing, finishing, to packing. Therefore, we are able to take the time to carefully make furniture individually in accordance with customer preferences and lifestyle.

Wood is a living thing. Solid wood used in MASTERWAL products has characteristics including warps, distortion, joints, and flaws. We carefully select quality wood for making products.

We would like to have as many people as possible know the wonder of walnut. We take pride in producing walnut products as a specialist wishing for our products to be loved 100 years from now.