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Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

AKASE Mokko Co., Ltd

1) Name/Title, Affiliation and Contact Information of Privacy Policy Manager

AKASE Mokko Co., Ltd
Inquiry for Personal Information E-mail:
1550 Shinjo, Satosho Town, Asakuchi County, Okayama Pref. Japan 719-0302

2) Use of Personal Information

Akase Mokko shall use the personal information provided by customers within the appropriate scope of business listed below:

  1. a) To send applications for enrollment, questionnaires, membership information, campaign information, information regarding customer inquiries, shipment of products, presents, catalogues, and DM, and provide information on after-sales services, new products, and other services;
  2. b) To provide information on online sales, stores, and events, questionnaires, and other beneficial information on furniture;
  3. c) To provide catalogues, DM, test and other products, and services provided by companies that Akase Mokko has deemed appropriate;
  4. d) To develop products and services, and to create statistical databases; and
  5. e) To respond to inquiries from customers.

3) Voluntariness and Results of Personal Information Provision

Personal information shall be provided voluntarily by individual customers. However, Akase Mokko may not be able to provide the services described in 2) if all or part of the personal information required is not provided.

4) Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Akase Mokko shall not provide personal information provided by customers, unless otherwise provided for by laws and regulations.

5) Entrustment of Handling the Personal Information

Akase Mokko may entrust a part of its business to contractors to achieve the purposes described in 2). In such case, Akase Mokko shall select the contractors that will handle personal information in an appropriate manner, enter into a contract regarding the appropriate management of personal information and confidentiality, and conduct appropriate management of said personal information.

6) Acquisition of Personal Information

Akase Mokko shall always make it clear when it is obtaining personal information.

7) Request for Suspension of Use, Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

Akase Mokko shall respond to requests by individual customers for notification of purpose of use of their personal information, disclosure, correction, deletion, and the suspension of use and provision thereof. In such cases, Akase Mokko shall confirm the customer, and respond to the request within a reasonable period of time.
Information for contacts regarding the handling of personal information is provided below:

AKASE Mokko Co., Ltd Inquiry for Personal Information E-mail:
1550 Shinjo, Satosho Town, Asakuchi County, Okayama Pref. Japan 719-0302